Group Music Lessons and Performance Ensembles

Led by the specific discipline’s faculty , the Bermuda School of Music’s group music lessons are an introduction to a verity of musical disciplines and are open to persons of all ages. Days and times offered are dependent on discipline and enrollment.


We currently offer group lessons in Guitar and Piano (Lab) and are gearing up to include brass , woodwind  and other combinations for our students. Group lessons allow students to learn in an ensemble setting. The Piano Lab acts as introductory tool for more advanced individual instruction later, while other groups provide performance opportunities for participants. Groups can start at beginner or advanced levels which will be determined by membership.


If you have been unsure about beginning music lessons, this is a great chance for you to “test the waters” at a greatly reduced cost. The 10-week course will be held Friday evenings from 6:30 – 7:30pm.


Performance Ensembles are offered in woodwind and brass for students who have been studying for at least one year.

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