Bermuda Chamber Choir

The Bermuda Chamber Choir brings the choral fine arts to life in our community. Through performances of great composers such as J.S. Bach, Händel, Mozart, Brahms, Vaughan Williams, Elgar and so many more, our ensemble strives for a high standard of communicating the masterworks of choral orchestral repertory.

Our mission is to share the art and joy of choral music with the amateur singer and the audiences of Bermuda. Understanding and experiencing amazing music from diverse cultures and historic periods is enriching and educational to our own community and culture.

Help us continue to make this incredible art form vibrant in our lives – we look forward to seeing you at the next concert!

Programme Details

Min. Age: 18

Class Length: 120 minutes

Class Times Available: Mondays 7:00pm

Materials Needed: TBD


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Bermuda Youth Choir

A graduate of The Royal Scottish Conservatoire, Marjorie Pettit has been teaching in Bermuda since 1966. She has taught at both Prospect Primary and Saltus Grammar School and has directed both children’s and adult choirs or B.M.D.S, The Gilbert & Sullivan Society and The Saltus Concert Society.
Marjorie was also director of The St John’s Youth Choir. Spanning fifteen years, she directed two major annual concerts highlighting both singers and young concerto soloists between the ages of ten and eighteen.

She is delighted to work with young voices within the Bermuda School of Music and is at present working towards a major Christmas Carol Concert and various other seasonal presentations.

The choral repertoire is mainly classical but also includes a wide range of popular music and music with an international focus. The aim is for young people to be exposed to as broad a musical and cultural experience as possible.
Rehearsals are on a weekly basis at the Bermuda School of Music, from 4:30pm to 5:30pm.
Audition dates will be posted in June and January and all are welcome.


Programme Details
Min. Age: 10
Class Length: 60 minutes
Class Times Available: Fridays 4:30pm
Materials Needed: TBD


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